Consultation Practioners Workshop

March 27 - 28, 2018

The workshop objective is to bring together Consultation Practitioners to share best practices and ideas on how to build upon, renew and enhance the current suite of consultation tools (e.g. Consultation Protocols, pilot Consultation Resource Centres). Possible discussions and related outcomes include: - Discussion and input into renewing the approach to Consultation Protocols (e.g. negotiation and approval processes, funding formula, reporting, etc.); - Discussion and input on the development of a framework to guide the development of and support to Consultation Resource Centres (e.g. eligible activities and criteria, funding formula, reporting, etc.); - Brainstorming other types of programming and activities that could support meaningful consultation (e.g. support for regional workshops, etc.) - Initial development of an approach in support of Consultation and Accommodation mandate refresh to ongoing communication and opportunities for input into the renewal, development and enhancement of CIRNA’s consultation programming (e.g. regular joint workshops)


Registration not open as of yet.