Atlantic Region Technical Table Meeting Moncton January 15 & 16, 2020

January 15 - 16, 2020

As we prepare for the next round of Technical tables in January, ISC will be able to provide us with an update regarding direction of the National Education Transformation initiative. We will discuss the importance of the Atlantic Regional Technical Tables and the future of the meetings; Continue our work towards adaptations to the NB Funding Formula as well as share updates regarding REA advancements. Regional Technical Table 1. What is the objective of the Regional Technical Table? • The objective of the Regional Technical Table is to bring together all First Nations in the Atlantic region to discuss elements of the funding formula, to provide an opportunity to exchange information, and to develop a common vision. • Once the Regional Technical Table has been established there will be an opportunity to have sub-tables to have discussions on community-specific concerns, issues, or unmet needs. 2. How will the Regional Technical Table be organized / established? • The Regional Technical Table will be First Nation-led. Any First Nation or First Nation organization that may be interested in leading the Regional Technical Table should come forward and inform their ISC regional education representative. 3. Who will be attending the Regional Technical Table? • The Regional Technical Table led by First Nations will be attended by officials from ISC and provincial representatives along with First Nation representatives. The role of the province will be to provide information on the data used for the funding formula. ISC officials will be in attendance to provide support to facilitate the discussions. 4. How will the Regional Technical Table be funded? • The Regional Technical Table will be supported by the Regional Implementation funding envelop that will be available in early June 2019. • In advance of a plan submitted to the ISC Regional Office, those organizations that received Regional Implementation funding in 2018-19 will be required to provide an update to ISC on the progress of their expected outcomes. 5. Why participate in the Regional Technical Table? • The Regional Technical Table will provide an opportunity for First Nations to participate in establishing a common vision on First Nation education in the region and to ensure that their voices are heard. The work done at the Regional Technical Table will be in collaboration and partnership with all parties involved. • First Nations will have the ability to meet with partners to better understand how the funding formula works, to ensure that we have the most up to date information, and to work with the Government of Canada on its commitment to improving the way it supports First Nation education. • First Nations can work together to share expertise, best practices, or innovative ideas to ensure that First Nation students receive a high-quality education that meets their needs. 6. How will the Regional Technical Table inform a Regional Education Agreement? • The Regional Technical Table will be a forum to prepare for Regional Education Agreement discussions. First Nations that attend Regional Technical Table meetings will be equipped with information to help inform their communities on the REA process, and have the opportunity to identify and substantiate unique funding needs that may not be addressed in the funding formula.


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